BatteauGalt's Mill site of the JRBF

Galt’s Mill – Saturday Evening

The campsite at Galt’s Mill was stretched down along the river between the river and the corn again this year, except the corn wasn’t as tall as last year yet.

The bank was muddy and Lisa B. was happy to tell the story about someone we won’t mention whose last name might be Haney and something about loosing a sweep lock and a broken sweep ……not sure exactly the whole story, it’s all hearsay.

The Amelon United Methodist Church put on a good bbq dinner under the tent again this year. It’s always good to see this group as they have done this for as many years as I can remember. Some of the old timers played music beside the tent and this year they had a small sound system. I said to them that Aubrey would have been proud of the way they played and they said “absolutely!”. (Aubrey was the gentleman who used to come and play guitar and harmonica every year until the year he died and Galt’s Mill was his his last stop on the batteau festival the year he passed away).

Mason Basten was walking around with Grace and Joy (his daughters) and later he tucked them in to a little tent on board the Lady’s Slipper.

My dog Jake had fun and this nice lady named Forest volunteered to hold his leash and watch him while I went around taking pictures. Thank you Forest!!!!

The evening wasn’t complete until the Rocky Creek Wildfire tried to stop and turned around and Chip Coleman fell down in the front of the boat as it swung around. That took talent!

The sun was starting to go down as jake and I headed back to New London for the night.

The campsite will surely be celebrating a great day on the river as the night begins.