BatteauLynchburg Launch

28th Annual James River Batteau Festival off to a good start in Lynchburg!

The 28th annual James River Batteau Festival started from Lyncburg’s Percival’s Island this morning. Announcer Jeff Taylor called the batteaux names out loud and told a little about each boat to the many spectators that lined the banks.

A band of musicians played from the deck of one of the batteau for a while before the launch and they were very good! The music added a lot of nice atmosphere.

It was so good to see many batteau friends again today. Mr. Buddy High and his wife Jean were back once more. Buddy is a past President of the VC&NS and a past Chairman of the JRBF.

The weather was perfect, the water was a good level and getting that green color back from the brown the past few days after being real high. The higher than normal water provided great current for the boats to head to Galt’s Mill where they will enjoy camping tonight.

The Land side of the island had a fantastic display of vendors. Children played with a large colored spread, lifting it in the air. Food Vendors prepared a variety of items, all looking delicious. The JRBF booth had DJ Barnard selling the t-shirts again and the VC&NS Booth had the VC&NS President Brian Coffield all dressed up in his old timey costume and selling the various VC&NS Publications.

Another fantastic start in Lynchburg for the James River Batteau Festival.



Also we got this information in after the festival but it is of sounds from the beginning of the festival so I am adding it to the bottom of this posting:

Sent: Friday, June 21, 2013 1:53 PM
Subject: Virginia Water Radio episode on James River Batteau Festival

Dear Dr. Trout,

We met in Lynchburg on June 15 after the batteau launching, when I was asking about boats on the Big Sandy River.

As you may recall, I mentioned that do a weekly broadcast/podcast called Virginia Water Radio.  This week’s episode (Episode 166, 6-17-13) focuses on the Batteau Festival.  You can find the episode online at   It’s 5 minutes/47 seconds and features music from Old Crow Medicine Show (“James River Blues”) and sounds from the launch event.


I hope you like how it came out.  If you all think it’s worth posting a link to it on the Virginia Canals and Navigations Society site, I’d be very grateful.  The main site for Virginia Water Radio is


Best wishes,

Alan Raflo

Virginia Water Resources Research Center

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Blacksburg, VA  24061

(540) 231-5463