BatteauJRBF General Information

2013 Festival Ready to Launch Today!

General Information
Regarding 2013 James River Batteau Festival

As everyone’s undoubtedly aware, the weather has really created issues and that is the reason I’ve held this communication until now. As of Friday AM, no site changes have been necessitated because of the weather. Had we gotten a large amount of rain Thursday PM that would not have been the case so we got a little lucky on that front. Because of the rain we did get, the field in Stapleton needs some TLC from all of us, if there are spots which appear to be wet and soft please try to avoid them. If we damage the field we’ll have to pay for and deal with repairing it after the festival.

The river level continues to drop and in my opinion will present only moderate challenges to us in batteaux. Kayaks and canoeists need to look at the river level and make responsible decisions depending on their experience and ability. As of Friday AM the Holcomb Rock gauge is at 9 feet and continuing to drop steadily. With 24 hours before the launch the level is predicted to drop about another foot or so.

From a Batteau standpoint, the river level will mean we need to allow more time to stop. Other than that the biggest downside should be that the water won’t be pretty and clear.

Percival’s Island – The Lynchburg Launch is definitely on and should have great weather. A lot of time and planning has gone into sending us off with this great event so I ask everyone to be at Percival’s Island at 10:00AM or so and we’ll leave with a Roll Call by Jeff Taylor at 11:00AM. Music is planned to be played from a boat or boats while we’re waiting to leave so we’ll need a couple boats front and center who can be there early and have the front nosecone’s pretty clear, should be fun.

Lynchburg: Saturday AM June 15th

• Canoes, Kayaks, and Batteaux can be Launched at River Edge Park Ramp on the Amherst County side of the river. This is a newly renovated facility and it greatly improved over past years. (do not leave cars in the lot overnight)
• Batteaux will move to Percival’s Island Sat. AM before 10:00 AM and will leave Percivals at 11:00 AM.
• Lynch’s Landing is again having a “Lynchburg Launch” festival with vendors, music etc. Music is planned from one of the boats at Percival’s Island Sat AM so that should add to the festive atmosphere on the riverbank as we’re waiting to depart for Richmond
• Please be at the island, look authentic, be family friendly and interact with the crowd as much as possible.

Lynchburg: Saturday PM June 18th
• Saturday Evening the festival will stop at the field in Stapleton just down river from Galt’s Mill
• Dinner at Stapleton will be available for purchase from the Amelon United Methodist Church
• Breakfast Sun AM will be available
• Ice will be available for sale Sunday AM while supplies last
• Trash will be removed, there will be a dumpster on site
• No drinking water will be available

Bent Creek: Sunday PM June 19th
• Sunday Evening the festival will stay in the field at Bent Creek just down river from the Rt. 60 bridge on the Amherst/Nelson Co side of the river.
• Dinner will be for sale provided by Vito’s Pizza
• Breakfast is not available
• Ice will be available for sale Monday AM while supplies last
• Drinking water will be available

Wingina: Monday PM June 20th
• Monday Evening the festival will stay in Wingina at the property just upriver from the DGIF boat ramp.
• Dinner will be for sale provided by the Lovingston Vol. Fire Dept.
• Ice will be available Tue AM
• Drinking water will be available
Howardsville: Tuesday PM June 21th
• Tuesday Evening the festival will stay in Howardsville at Jimmy Crews property just down river from the Rockfish River, at the public boat landing.
• Dinner and breakfast will be for sale provided by Jimmy Crews and the Glenmore United Methodist Church
• Ice and other supplies will be available for purchase at the Howardsville General Store within walking distance.

Scottsville: Wednesday PM June 22th
• Wednesday Evening the festival stops in Scottsville at the James River Reeling and Rafting property just upriver from the DGIF boat ramp.
• Dinner, breakfast, and supplies are available at various stores within walking distance

Slate River: Thursday PM June 23th
• Thursday Evening the festival will stay at the Solite Plant where the Slate River meets the James
• Dinner will be for sale, provided by the Dilwyn Baptist Church Youth Group
• Breakfast will not be available
• Ice will be available for sale Fri. AM as long as supplies last
• Water is available at a spigot on the building at the top of the hill

Cartersville: Friday PM June 24th

• Friday Evening the festival will stop at the DGIF ramp in Cartersville and the field directly down river.
• Dinner and breakfast will be for sale.
• Ice will be available for sale Sat AM as long as supplies last
• No water is available
Maidens Landing: Saturday PM June 25th
• Batteaux will arrive mid afternoon
• No meal is provided

Frequently Asked Questions and Requests from the JRBF Leadership

• The James River Batteau Festival depends on the generosity of numerous land owners to make this event possible. It is absolutely crucial that we respect and take care of the property which is made available for our use.
• Canoeists are welcomed and encouraged to join us in enjoying the river and celebrating the history of the Batteau Era. (1775-1820)
• Camping for Non-Batteau crew is available and we ask for a $5.00 donation per night or $25.00 per week which can be paid on site at the T-shirt booth. We ask for this voluntary payment to help defray the significant expenses of putting on the festival.
• Portable toilets are available at all sites for your enjoyment!
• Water is available at Bent Creek, Wingina, Howardsville, Scottsville, and Slate River. Some places it is provided by the site, some by the festival, you should figure on carrying a 2 day supply of water and renewing supplies everywhere it is available.
• Where Ice is provided by the festival it is on a first come first served basis for sale in the AM while supplies last. It is difficult to obtain the volume of ice needed and impossible to predict the exact amount needed, so please buy only what you absolutely need and be flexible.
• Trash will be picked up at all sites, some places the county provides dumpsters, some sites the Batteau Festival will have a trailer. Please bring your trash to the location where it is being collected and help us leave the property cleaner then when we arrived.
• Membership in the VCNS (Virginia Canals and Navigations Society) is strongly encourages of everyone who enjoys the James River and Batteau Festival. Membership forms are available at the T-Shirt booth.

Ralph Smith
JRBF Chairman 2013