BatteauJRBF General Information

Tuesday, June 11th Update from Ralph Smith on River Conditions etc.

Some of you obviously didn’t get the e-mail about stopping the rain dances!!!!!

Any concerns we had about a drought year for the 2013 JRBF have officially been laid to rest. With the storms yesterday and the ground and streams already saturated, we’re going to experience another spike in the river levels. NOAA is predicting a crest in Scottsville Wed AM at just over 12′. Given how quickly the river has dropped following the spike late last week unless we get significant rains later in this week we should be looking at only moderately high water levels. I am less optimistic now about having clear water which we all enjoy having for river bottom watching, fishinging and bathing, but we can deal with that.

I will keep you informed by the way of these e-mail groups if we have last minute changes to the sites. I am concerned about the condition of the field we use in Stapleton and if it is unavailable I’ll let you know how we can best deal with it. As many of you know, that field doesn’t drain well and pools up against the railroad tracks. But at this point just be aware that if changes are to be made I’ll inform everyone via e-mail of what our options are.

I do want to be sure that we’re all clear that there is no consideration of cancelling the Batteau Festival and that the Lynch’s Landing event at this point looks to have a prediction of great weather Friday and Saturday. So get your boats ready and we’ll have another great week on the river, it should be an easy one with high water.