BatteauJRBF General Information

Friday June 7th 2013 – Update from Chairman Ralph Smith on River Conditions etc.

Well I appreciate everyone doing their “Rain Dance” as I requested, but it’s time to stop dancing!!!!!

As I type the (Fri AM) Scottsville is at 23,400 cfs, the number I consider ideal is around 2,400, drought walking level is 1,000 so I feel that even if we don’t get any more rain we don’t need to worry about drought conditions.  Historically the river always drops back to normal quicker than I expect so at this point I don’t think we’re in any danger of having high water levels for the festival unless we get significant rains next week which is not currently in the forcast.

Just as a reference point, Scottsville is currently at about 12 feet, the Festival Flood year (I believe 2003) was at 13 feet and most boats did go down the river although we encouraged canoes and kayakers to pull out.  At 13 feet the entire parking lot at Scottsville is under water. If something weather wise changes from what is forcast and we have river level safety concerns I’ll have a dialog with as many people as possible and will share it with this e-mail group.  But at this point I’m expecting the water to be at a great level for the festival, clear so we can see the alligator gars and bottom grasses.

The only issues I currently feel this weather event will create is scheduling when you bring batteaux to Lynchburg and put the into the river at River Edge Park.  I went there this AM and there is an eddy at the ramp which means where we tie up it’s not raging but still would be iffy to put in a batteau and tie up safely.  But given the potential for more rain and the river to rise more I’d be watching carefully before bringing a batteau to Lynchburg.  There are several sites which I assume all read the same gauges, but the one I use is available through, usgs streamflow – Virginia, james river basin, then there are multiple gauges within the Batteau Festival Trail, Scottsville is the one I use just to be consistent.


On another rain related issue, the Wingina Cleanup has been postponed until tomorrow Saturday June 8th at Noon.  If at all possible please make an effort to grab a weedeater and any equipment which can handle high grasses and join us.  Many hands make light work…..

Thanks and I’ll communicate again before the festival with some general information.



And a Word from The Batteau,.org webmaster (Holt):

With the batteau festival approaching very fast, everyone will start watching the website. I NEED a volunteer or possibly more than one person to help blog for the website during the batteau week. 

What a batteau blogger would need is a way to log on to the internet, ie laptop or whatever and the login information I can provide and an easy learning session with me. If you are already familiar with WordPress and the NextGen photo gallery plugin, then you are set to go. The hardest part about doing this blog from the Rivah is finding internet and  time to sort your photos (I use the iphoto application on a mac to select the photos I want, and then export to a folder a smaller jpg version of the photo files, usually medium size and medium quality as the choice, then upload that folder of photo files to a gallery for that day. You need to convert your photos down to a useable size for most internet users and we still have some dialup and slow satellite users out in the country).

The thing is if you can type a story in any word processing program, then you can use WordPress. It’s basically the same thing, only also allowing you a place to place your gallery or single photos and then using keywords and categories for your blog posting.

So if anyone is interested in helping with this please contact . I can do sat and sun of the start, but have to work the rest of the time.