BatteauMaiden's Landing

Maiden’s Landing – 2012 JRBF News

The batteau “Slate River” arrived first at Maiden’s on Saturday afternoon.

Photos from Maiden’s Landing:

Maiden’s Landing was calm and laid back as the batteaux slowly started coming in.

T-shirt sales for the JRBF were going well. I was excited to get a nice golf shirt with the sweep jrbf logo (not the old oval logo), embroidered. I still have some of the old style that I like very much, but the old shirts just don’t seem to fit the same anymore……

William Davis and the Sedalia Endeavor came creeping in after the Slate River. It was surprising to see William arrive with the first boats. They did well.

The batteau “River Time” came in third, and they were all decked out in old-timey clothes and the boat was all cleaned up good and they looked fantastic. Of course they yelled out “RIVER TIME” when they asked what time it was. The whole crew let out the shout “river time” like they have done at several landings.

Along the bank waiting for the batteau were a loyal group of Lady’s Slipper supporters. They were having a good time visiting and waiting.

So after a long week of driving an rv vehicle with manual transmission and a trailer behind it, I was getting tired. I had picked up my dog in Chester in the afternoon, after doing the postings at the Goochland Library. Traveling down rt. 288 in a slow moving vehicle was hard work with the other cars and trucks wizzing by! My dog was waiting inside the rv with the motor running and a/c running.

So with a few goodbyes here and there, and after getting the first few boats photos, I left Maiden’s Landing for 2012 and hoped the best for the remaining crews to come in. I know some had to come in much later.

It was a slow ride back to Lynchburg in the rv. It was nice to get home and unload my stuff and Jake (dog) and fill up the gas one more time in the rv and return it to Mason Basten’s home and get my car. It was funny to myself when I reached for the clutch with my foot, not thinking. whoa. ¬†Heading home finally. A great Batteau week covering the festival was behind me. Only this posting and batch of photos left to do. It’s now 4:30 am and I’m at my house. I woke up and decided to finish this posting and go to bed instead of the chair I fell asleep in earlier!

See you all next year! The JRBF is a big family and covering this event from the ground crew perspective is a good thing.

Please send in your river stories and photos. We would love to hear boat people’s stories and photos from the crew’s or Captain’s perspective. Send emails to

Holt Messerly
VC&NS Trustee
Former Captain of the retired batteau “James River”
JRBF Chairman 1996
Former crewmember of the Pride of Campbell County II