Cartersville – Saturday AM – 2012 JRBF News

Photos from Cartersville Saturday Morning:

Saturday morning in Cartersville was a bit damp and foggy as it had rained again during the night on top of the storm that had hit earlier in the afternoon. It was nice and cool during the night for sleeping though!

The food vendor had pancakes and the fixins and many people enjoyed breakfast there.

Ralph Smith was laying on his box on the boat, waking up as I was taking some fog pictures early in the am. He was a happy camper. We called for a group photo at about 8:30 which was taken a little bit earlier than that.

The Dewey Pole award was given to The Lady’s Slipper from the Rocky Creek and thus the spirit of Dewey Wood was passed to another crew this year. The pole has a metal tip on it and was found years ago during the JRBF. The initials SC are welded on and that stands for “Sam Cabell”, which was the batteau Dewey was on prior to joining the Maple Run crew. Dewey was a batteau man that everyone loved, admired and respected.

Crews were getting ready for the last day. I cleaned out the freezer on the trailer behind the JRFC rv and gave away a tray of already cooked potatoes to a batteau crew, and then some ice cream to a kid on a boat and told him to share it however he wanted. The last of the cooked bacon and a bag of meatballs and various stuff went to the Grace of the James crew. The supplies were going to go to good use as much as possible I thought, or else get thrown out when we got back!

Cartersville was pretty nice and photogenic as the boats left for Maidens.