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Slate River – Thursday Night – JRBF News – 6-21-12

The new Batteau “Slate River” arriving first
at the Slate River Site Thursday afternoon. 

Photos from Slate River:

The Slate River site of the 2012 James River Batteau Festival was in one word, HOT.

Jeff Taylor laid back in a nice chair beside where I was sitting on a towel and several other ground crew people here and there. An informal snoring contest pursued.

The water in the river was cold where the Slate River comes into the James. Feeling the cold water on your legs and feet and warm above is wild. And the darn little minnows kept nibbling at my body all over as I swam. The funniest thing you could ever imagine was when Shirley Snidow, Spirit of the James – ground crew, all of a sudden screamed out like a little girl saying stop it!! and all sorts of expressions like that as she jumped up wildly in the water. Oh My gosh, not just one time but a bunch of times Shirley was a riot. Seems the little minnows were eating her up!

After a while Jeff Taylor looked at his smartphone and noticed a storm coming nearby. When it finally hit, it got crazy in camp real quick! I was in the rv and saw a tent go tumbling across the camp and parking lot on to the river where some people caught it. The tent belonged to Jeff Taylor’s daughter. The pop up tent for the t-shirt booth went flying up in the air as DJ saved the t-shirts and books and things! It rained like crazy for a while. Limbs and debris were scattered everywhere.

Meanwhile back on the river we heard about how they did in the storm. OMG!!! a bunch of boats pulled up in the aqueduct to ride out the storm. I heard that the Anthony Rucker was in last and stuck out slightly but that the Grace of the James and a bunch of others were huddled inside the aqueduct.  Another boat, The Rockfish Runner was not so lucky. Brian was in the water and felt a strong electrical current go through him as lightening struck the water nearby. A girl on the Rockfish Runner was also there in the water and felt the current. THEN, she ALSO felt it again when on shore! Thats getting struck by lightening twice! One boy also buckled at his knees when it hit. Several people can tell what it was like to feel the electricity! So everyone knows, the entire crew is safe and sound and no one got seriously hurt.

At camp the Baptist Church had hamburgers and various items for sale for supper. That was real good.

As the night came on a few boats tied up in the middle of the james for the night. People hit the sack pretty early Thursday night.