BatteauHatton's Ferry

Hatton’s Ferry – 2012 JRBF News

The Batteau “Spirit of the James in Hatton’s Ferry rapid. 

Hatton’s Ferry rapid was a nice place to wait for the batteau to come through on Wednesday afternoon en-route to Scottsville.

Here are the photos from Hatton’s Ferry:

I waited at Hatton’s Ferry and was in the right place at the right time to get good still shots of The batteau “Fine Creek Mill”. I say “Still Shots” because they were sitting still in the rapid for a little while trying to figure out what to do. Finally they got loose and most everyone else slid on through with no problem. Except Brian Roberts of the Batteau “Rockfish Runner” didn’t quite get around the small island at the end of the Hatton rapid. The end sort of bumped the island a little.

The festivities in Scottsville were going strong in town as I drove past. The boats lazily came on in and everyone enjoyed seeing them.

The night in Scottsville is expected to be a good one. A new establishment in town serving cold beverages is supposed to open tonight!