Howardsville Site – 2012 JRBF News

The Howardsville site of the James River Batteau Festival was good again this year!

Photos below of Howardsville:

The grounds were well mowed and the sun was shining over the cold water of the Rockfish River and the warm water of the James. When taking a river bath it’s interesting to go from the cold to the warm and back.

After parking the RV down by the river at the invitation of Mr. Jimmy Crews, I proceeded to visit with some of the nice ladies from Howardsville who were sitting high on the bank overlooking the river. One lady said “When you come to Howardsville you never know what to expect!”. Another lady was worried at first that her friends wouldn’t show up. Even Mary Scott was helped down to the bank to observe the batteaux come in. Mary is well known in the area and is a nice elderly lady from Howardsville.

Sometime in the late afternoon a small string band started playing on the corner of the overlook area. One very happy crew was dancing and singing to country music and they nicely turned the music off to hear the string band. The band was part of the expenses from the Dave Mathews Band Grant so I really wanted to enjoy what I could.

The dinner at Camp Weasel, presented by the Howardsville Masonic Lodge, was spagetti and I ate all my plate! Very good dinner.

Howardsville Canoe Livery spokeswoman, Stephanie was very nice greeting everyone and introduced her girls and fiance.

As the boats came in the night eased on in and it was so muggy you could hardly stand it.

By the morning camp came alive. I met Boy Scout Troop 671 from near Manassas, VA. The Girl Scout troop from Salem Virginia, led by Barbara Duerk was eating breakfast. The boyscouts were eating oatmeal and the girls had bacon and grilled cheese sandwitches with both white and regular cheese, fruit and bacon! One girl said she didn’t like bacon. Imagine that I thought.

The Boy Scout troop from Ashland was packing their lunches and had a safety meeting.

The batteau rolled on out and headed for Goolsby’s!