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Wingina Site – 2012 JRBF News

The Batteau “Spirit of Buckingham” departs Wingina Tuesday Morning in route to Howardsville.

Photos from Wingina:

Wingina was laid back and beautiful as usual. Nothing could be fina than to be in Wingina so they say. Ond boy waiting for the Maple Run said it was his first time at Wingina.

In the lazy afternoon sun Monday afternoon as I walked down the path in Wingina I stopped to see all sorts of folks from the Batteau Festival. It was good to visit with Charlie and Jason Hatcher as Charlie cut up bear meat to make stew and Jason showed me his hi-tech music attachments inside his old car. Jason had made use of an old ipod and some kind of music box and he was proud of his invention.

The Lovingston Volunteer Fire Department was getting their cookers and dinner stuff all ready near the front of the camp. Bobby Solar, Jr. was wired for the event with all his radios and stuff ready to work the event. It was nice to meet the other nice lady’s and gentlemen of his extended family!

Later in the afternoon some of the boats started coming in to camp very slowly. I don’t think Ned Nelson could get any more laid back. And his pretty wood decks had a little sand on them but never fear that was wiped clean and the canopy was put on and the new boat gleaned in the sunshine waiting for the rest of the crews to show up.

The Lady’s Slipper batteau had “family day” on their boat and some of the men allowed on board for the first time in recent memory wore skirts in honor of the occasion.

As the evening wore on meals were being served and the pre-ordered steak dinner from the fire department was just great. The corn was bad though, way too sweet….lol…it was fantastic. I think they ran out of it.

Some fantastic musicians came and played in the center of the camp. Josh Bearman, Joe Overton and Sabra Guzmán played old time music and sang. They played late into the evening and many people enjoyed the music very much.

Tuesday morning came with a nice cold rain. But batteau people didn’t seem to mind. Andrew Shaw came to visit and people came and went like nothing had happened. A little bailing here and there was observed but no one seemed to have any major issues. The boats left Wingina with the sun coming up and it got nice! The Buckingham boat was beautiful as it left camp with the stove going and the flags flying!

On to Howardsville!

Be sure to Thank Jimmy Crews, Roger Nelson and the Howardsville Canoe Livery staff for their hard work getting the Howardsville site ready for us to enjoy!

See ya on the Rivah,


P.S. Doug Berry also sent in a link to a video he did at Galt’s Mill