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Galt’s Mill Site – 2012 JRBF News

Above: Ned Nelson cleaning the beautiful Cedar deck boards onboard the new Batteau “Fine Creek Mill”.

The Galt’s Mill site of the 2012 James River Batteau Festival was nice and beautiful. The dark green stalks of the cornfield in the background of the length of the campsite was pretty. Batteau People of the Corn or something like that as people camped in various spaces where there was no corn by the road.

On the river exciting things were happening for Capt. Mason Basten and his crew of the batteau “Grace of the James”. Various versions of “what happened” to Mason’s boat floated around the campsite on Saturday night. Seems that the boat had some rotten boards along one place and the boat broke kind of in half on one side. The crews of The Rocky Creek, The Mary Marshall and The Debbie rushed to scene near Joshua Falls to line up and clap and cheer for Capt. Basten…..not really, but seriously they helped him and the crew gather the floating gear and stuff. Within minutes the situation was under control as the various crew members all pitched in and turned the boat over for emergency repairs. On Sunday morning it was a quick ride back to Madison Heights to get a few supplies from Lowes when they opened. NO ONE WAS SERIOUSLY HURT was the good thing and spirits were high.

Photos from Galt’s Mill: