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Bent Creek Site – 2012 JRBF News

Photos from Bent Creek:

The Bent Creek Site of the 2012 James River Batteau Festival was laid back and peaceful. The field was ok to drive on with just grassy weeds and no corn! The grounds near the river were bushhogged well. The VC&NS booth was manned by Brian Coffield with Dr. Bill Trout assisting for some time. Another booth was set up near the VC&NS & the JRBF T-shirt booth that had all sorts of candle holders, clothing, hats, mugs and all kind of cool period type of items. And of course our friend the Paddling Potter put on a display of his pottery and his items were outstanding! Very beautiful products for sale.

A group of local musicians sat around with several different instruments and played. I especially enjoyed seeing the banjo’s! One Banjo was a reproduction of and old Minstrel Style and seeing the man play it was quite good! Thank you for those musicians sharing their talents!

On the river we heard that the Lady’s Slipper went straight through Higgenbothom Falls and did just fine. Most people said that it was a beautiful day on the river. Kevin Ferrell got his nose busted up slightly when he took a dive off the Grace of the James as a nail on the sweep got caught and he was thrown into the river after just being awoken so the story goes. Wow what a rude awakening!

The Batteau “Spirit of the James” came into the Bent Creek site first on Sunday!

While waiting on the boats to come in I noticed an awesome cook stove in the campsite for the Maple Run. The man cooking said he had venison tenderloin and some stew cooking. Smelled great! In the campsite for the Spirit of the James, Shirley was off the hook. She was joking and carrying on and had a hard time putting on her swimming suit top, screaming out that she had it on upside down. Shirley and her assistant were sure to have Captain Ellen’s bottle of Yellow Tail wine out of the cooler and on her chair to be room temp. Ellen’s cup and the other brightly colored cups were arranged with care in order of ranking on the crew. Very organized as far as batteau camps go. Vito’s Pizza served a lot of good pizza’s to some hungry batteau people.

In the evening I went down and visited on the boats tied together for the evening. The Debbie, The Mary Marshall, The Grace of the James and the Rocky Creek. The Rocky Creek went to the center of the river to anchor for the night. We sat around on the back of Mason’s boat and ate really good ribs that Blue Ridge River Runners President, Steve Emory had pre-cooked for the trip. It didn’t matter that somehow the ribs got a little burnt around the edges. The insides were juicy and very tasty indeed!

It got a little cool Sunday night and in the morning the line to the little houses was long.

As everyone got ready to go I left Bent Creek for my current location updating the blog from the back of the JRFC RV parked in front of the free wi-fi at the Lovingston McDonald’s. There isn’t an electrical outlet inside to sit with my laptop plugged in. (old laptops don’t do well without the cord plugged in!) and use the free wi-fi. Kind of odd I thought.

Anyway, I look forward to Wingina and the meal to be prepared by the Lovingston Volunteer Fire Department!