BatteauLynchburg Launch

Lynchburg Launch of the James River Batteau Festival

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The following was sent in by Pat Calvert from the James River Association:

To briefly explain the Lynchburg Launch: James River Association staff have been working for many months with a dedicated committee comprised of Ralph Smith (JRBF Chairman), Jeff Taylor, Mason Basten and multiple Lynchburg area nonprofit organizations & businesses, largely formed upon invitation by JRBF. The goal: To re-establish a Lynchburg-based event to support and publicize the James River Batteau Festival’s launch, and to continue to engage that same audience post-launch. The result: “Lynchburg Launch of the James River Batteau Festival” (or “Lynchburg Launch”, for short).

The James River Batteau Festival is a marvelous event. The “Lynchburg Launch” fair on Percival’s Island and nearby City property is intended to significantly expand the Lynchburg regional audience to JRBF and to provide people of all backgrounds with diverse opportunities to explore the James and its culture and history. All of the Lynchburg Launch committee members, including JRA, are seeking to engage the public (and JRBF participants alike) of this effort through JRBF-centered posters (link is for pdf file to download). and through a website:

Thanks all. June 16 is coming quick!