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Batteau “Fine Creek Mill” – Floating and Ready to go!

Ned Nelson sent the following letter and photos tonight.
Congratulations to Ned and his associates for finishing
the new batteau named “Fine Creek Mill”.


The batteau “Fine Creek Mill” is complete. We put it in the water today at my friends, the Shortridge’s. It took on about 3″ of water and to our surprise ,,, stopped leaking!!!. I had strapped barrels into the hull to keep it from totally sinking and  the water only made it to the bottom of the barrels. The boat is floating on its own. Thanks to my brother Byrne Nelson, Dave “Big Wave” Bryan, David “Little Wave” Bryan for their daily help. I would also like to thank Tom Hassinfang and David Samuels for being there when I needed extra help.

Thanks goes to Dreaming Creak Timber Frame Homes !!!   Bob, Sandy, Calab, Bobby, Jr. This would not have happened without all of you being my friends. Thank you Gail Timberlake for motivating me to take on this project …. See everyone at the festival.