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Slate River – New Batteau for 2012

A note from Randy Waycaster regarding the new batteau “Slate River”:
Figured we’d give you a photo update on our boat, made a good bit of progress. 
We took a little different approach by cutting the flats on the ribs when making them. (All miter saw and skilsaw cuts)
Also we are planking the hull first instead of the nose cones, which will take a little bit longer to carefully make the angles on the nosecone boards, but it will allow us to match-up the lines from hull planking into the nosecones.
We harvested a massive white oak; 32″ at base end, single log of 25’6″.  This log almost single-handedly planked our hull, including a 20″ kingplank and 16″ boards adjacent to the kingplank, entire floor is covered by three board widths!  The sides will consist of three 10″ board widths.  The 25′ lumber allows us to have a 200″ overlap of joints; the next best thing to full-length lumber.
Thanks for everything you and everyone else have already done to get this years festival off to a good start, let us know if we can be of assistance with anything leading towards the festival.
Take care,
Crew of the SLATE RIVER