5/99 VRGINIA CANAL BOAT NAMES: Lyle Browning is compiling a list of canal boats which traveled on the Kanawha Canal and other canals in Virginia. If you find a mention of a canal boat, or a canal boat Captain as you read, research or converse with others, please share this information with Lyle.

5/99 UPPER JAMES ATLAS: We're finishing up the atlas, covering the James, upriver of Lynchburg; the Jackson's and Cowpasture rivers; and Craig's and Potts's creeks; wherever the batteaux went. If you have any last-minute information please e-mail Bill Trout

5/99 NEW RIVER ATLAS: We're starting to collect information for the VC&NS New River Atlas, covering the New River from its forks in North Carolina down to its mouth in West Virginia, and the Greenbrier River from Lewisburg to Hinton.  We especially need information on historic sites in and along the rivers, and on anything to do with boats.  If you have informaion or would like to help, please e-mail Bill Trout.

5/99 SCOTTSVILLE'S CANAL BASIN SQUARE: Information is needed on Monacan Indian river craft (canoes), canoes which may have been lashed together for stability and increased cargo capacity, canal freighters, and packet boats.  Additionally, technical information on preserving these boats is needed as they will be outdoors, and thus exposed to the elements. Please contact John Bowers or Tim Small, Project Management Office, Phone: 804-286-4227; FAX 804-286-4237; E-mail if you have information concerning the above, or wish to volunteer help with this project. The craft will be static displays that are secured to their moorings, so they will not float, if Scottsville is again flooded.

Please forward information for "VC&NS Research Enquiries" to Ruth Harris, E-mail:; FAX: 757-826-2662.

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