Rucker Landing signs dedicated during Amherst County’s Batteau Day – June 10, 2017

L-R, Dr. Bill Trout, Holt Messerly, Claudia Tucker, Jeff Taylor, Mike Rucker and “Thomas Jefferson”.

Claudia Tucker, Chairwoman of the Amherst County Board of Supervisors at Amherst County Batteau Day, June 10, 2017.

Claudia Tucker Chairwoman of the Amherst County Board of Supervisors gave a nice presentation to begin the dedication ceremony. The following are her remarks we are publishing here with her permission:

“Good afternoon!

I am here on behalf of the Amherst County Board of Supervisors to join in the festivities of the day but also to share with you the impact that the Rucker Family has had on Amherst County,

In 1775 an entrepreneur, agriculturalist and businessman named Anthony Rucker [and his brother Benjamin] saw the need to develop a way to ship larger and heavier quantities of goods on the James River. At this time this was a lengthy and unreliable mode of transport. Mr. Rucker [and his brother] designed and built the very first James River Batteau. They could navigate the James and work thru the rapids, boulders and shallow water. They could carry almost 10K pounds of goods while drafting on 12-14 inches of water. Mr. Rucker [and his brother] changed commerce and agriculture, allowing Central Virginia to compete in a meaningful way with farmers and others closer to the more highly populated area of Richmond. Coming from a farming family, I have a very personal understanding of his contributions to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We are here to again thank the Rucker Family for giving back to Amherst County. I am in awe of the time and dedication that this family has put into preserving their history – – because the Rucker Family history is Amherst County history. They have tirelessly researched, spending their own money to ensure that our history is appropriately and accurately preserved. Others could talk about their impact on the County but the Ruckers are making contributions that will ensure that future generations will enjoy this piece of history and for that we are forever grateful.

This is a true partnership between an Amherst Family and Amherst County. I’m here to speak the words but the entire county and our residents thank you for your past and present dedication. The signs say it all and they are here because you had the perseverance to help the board of Supervisors understand the significance. Government does not always act quickly but I’m so proud to be a part of this Board and the partnership that we have established.

Again, on behalf of the Amherst County Board of Supervisors, thank you.

It is now my great pleasure to introduce Mr. Christopher Rucker of the Rucker Family Society.”

Editors Note: The statement above is corrected in [brackets] to ensure that credit for the invention of the James River Batteau be given equally to brothers Benjamin and Anthony Rucker.

The Rucker Family was in attendance for the revealing of three new historical signs at Rucker Landing inside River’s Edge Park in Amherst County, Virginia on June 10, 2017. Mike Rucker (second from right above) worked very hard on the design and approval of these three new signs. 

Dr. Bill Trout unveiled the first sign, then Holt Messerly the second and “Thomas Jefferson” the third sign.

There was a festival down the park walk way with various vendors and craftsmen. The batteau “Lizzie Langley” gave the Channel 13 news reporter a ride on the batteau. The batteau Anthony Rucker was also on display near the top of the boat ramp “Rucker Landing”.

This was a wonderful day. 

Holt Messerly

To see all the photos  of this event click the photo above or here (Photo Prints available for purchase – 20% discount code = batteau).

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    Goolsby’s Rapid – 2016 JRBF – Top 50 photos.

    Please see if you want to order custom prints of any of the above photos.
    12×18, 8×10 and 5×7 sizes available. 20% discount code = BATTEAU . Thank you!
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      2017 JRBF Brochure available for download


      The 2017 JRBF brochure is available here for free download if you would like to print out your own copy(s). Thank you to Nancy Marion for preparing the brochure once again. 

      Click here to download the 2017 JRBF Brochure.

      Andrew Shaw will be getting copies of this brochure and some posters. Contact him for more details.

      Also Please remember that the Spring Meeting of the JRBF is this Sunday, March 26th at 1:00 at the Tavern on the James in Scottsville. Come early if you want to eat before the meeting.

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        Batteau “Stuff” for sale – From Ed Barbour, Captain, The batteau “Edward Scott”.

        Long time batteau captain, Mr. Ed Barbour has his batteau stuff for sale. Some JRBF members received a copy of this email already, so we aren’t sure what items are still available. Ed used to go down the river with a very authentic look and had great batteau stuff. Please contact him to discuss what he has available still.

        ———- Forwarded message ———-
        From: Ed Barbour <>
        Subject: Batteau

        This is Ed Barbour now in Chesterfield VA. I want to divest of all batteau equipment and material:  batteau trailer with rollers $500. and lots of white oak and yellow pine should be enough to build a bateau $500.  I would like to advertise sale in the Tiller or anywhere else to bateau builders. Contact:  Ed Barbour
        9008 Amberhill Loop, Chesterfield VA 23236
        804-745-4065 home

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          Tireless James River Cleanup Event – October 22, 2016 – Howardsville to Scottsville.

          Several of the Batteaux who participate in the annual James River Batteau Festival will be helping the James River Association on October 22nd, 2016 to clean out tires from the James River from Howardsville to Scottsville.

          Canoeists and Kayakers are welcome to join in the fun. All help is appreciated!

          All boaters are asked if they can help unload tires ahead of Goolsby’s Falls.

          Please contact JRBF Chairman Andrew Shaw for more details or if you have any questions.

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            Palmyra Lock Cleanup – November 12, 2016

            Palmyra Lock on the Rivanna River - Before Cleanup - October 12, 2016. Photo By Brian Coffield

            Palmyra Lock on the Rivanna River – Before Cleanup – October 12, 2016.
            Photo By Brian Coffield

            Palmyra Lock Cleanup
            November 12, 2016
            Begin at 9:00 am

            The lock is located behind the Fluvanna County Courthouse
            at 72 Main Street, Palmyra, Virginia.

            VC&NS past President, Mr. Brian Coffield, is planning a canal lock cleanup event at the Palmyra Lock on the Rivanna River. This is a great opportunity for members to be involved with an activity with the VC&NS by helping clean up this lock. Volunteers are needed and all help will be appreciated!
            If you would like to bring a weedeater and/or chain saw, that would be appreciated. The outside wall is accessible only to tree climbers and we would like the assistance of at least one professional tree climber to help us clear that wall.
            If there are any questions, please contact Brian Coffield 434-760-1183.

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